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In these extraordinary times what will matter most next term?

For new and experienced lecturers, there is a real sense of trepidation about how the upcoming autumn term will work. The post-pandemic uncertainty raises all sorts of questions, particularly regarding live teaching time. How can we ensure that we continue to connect, engage and inspire our students? 

Rising to these demands can be hard without an organising idea and practical steps, but equipping you with both is the Hidden Code. Over the past five years, educators from all disciplines have been using the code to:

  • Understand and unpack why specific teaching sessions fly, whilst others struggle.
  • Identify the smallest real-time shifts they can make to bring about greater student engagement and deepened learning. 
  • Rapidly evaluate which digital tools to use and where to deploy them in their sessions.
  • Know how to structure, and craft, digital assets such as audio files and video.
  • Engage with colleagues, across disciplines, in creative and highly collaborative conversations.

After attending The Hidden Code workshops, early career educators have grown in confidence, and experienced faculty members have become even more creative and intentional in their approach.

Yet The Hidden Code is not prescriptive: it doesn't add even more to overwhelmed to do-lists. Rather it is practical from day one because it integrates everything you already know about live teaching and uses that to shine a light on how you can enrich the live interactions with your students, both online and live in the room. 

Perhaps what will matter most this autumn is not WHAT you teach, rather it is HOW you teach. The Hidden Code offers an accessible, engaging and high-value way into navigating this HOW. Scroll down for more on what it could do for you and get any questions you might have answered.   


It is an Organising Idea for all your live teaching

The Hidden Code is not a teaching theory or a teaching strategy. It is an 'Organising Idea' that integrates multiple schools of thought, and supports you in a very immediate and practical way.

Each of the six colours in The Hidden Code has an associated toolbox that will help you implement and practice everything we cover on the course.

The study time is low; a morning investment is all it can take to start making a difference. The time can be spent at your computer, or you can use the audio version to listen to on the go. Either way, the course gives you access to PDF templates that help you reveal and utilise The Hidden Code in your live teaching practice.

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  • 6 chapters of unique content
  • the opportunity to engage and connect with me throughout* 
  • An audio version so that you can listen on the go
  • PDF templates for download to support integration and application
  • The course goes live 1st SEPTEMBER 2020 

* And further individual sessions sessions can be purchased if desired.  

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Is NOW the time?

Given all that is happening across the education sector my hope is that the 1st September launch will be a great time to review, renew and energise your live teaching practice.

If you enrol now you will get immediate access to your Learning Space and there you will find a welcome video waiting for you. 

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Featured on The Lecture Breakers Podcast

with Barbi Honeycutt

In this 40min interview we explore the six colours of the code and how they relate to our live teaching practice both online and live in the room. 

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