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About evolve | Three ways we can support your work

evolving story

Helping you to craft, design and deliver outstanding presentations, training and team events.

evolving dialogue

Supporting you in lifting the effectiveness of your meetings and conversations.

evolving mindfulness

Creating the time and space to reflect and refine how you think and use language.

Welcome to evolve

I'm Steve Creffield, the Lead Facilitator and Director at evolve.


I blend the power of Story, Dialogue and Mindfulness to deliver creative workshops, events and coaching services.


I am constantly inspired by how much can be achieved when people can share ideas with confidence and clarity, engage in empowering conversations and are passionate and mindful in that process.


Working in over 15 different countries I have come to value deeply human and cultural differences. My aim is to bring inspiring and evolutionary workshops and events that align with your aspirations and purpose.


I look forward to meeting you.


Steve Creffield




Evolving examples | Workshops and events

In country experience includes |  Australia, South African, Malaysia, Thailand Indonesia, Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Yemen, Italy, France, Hungary, and Albania.

Services | What evolve does best

We work in partnership with you to design, create and deliver the solutions that are right for you. We bring fresh, insightful and practical, approaches to support individual and collective development.


We have three areas of expertise; Story, Dialogue and Mindfulness. Each has off-the-shelf workshops, hosting services and one-to-one coaching offerings.



Live Workshops

 Presentation Design & Delivery

Storytelling in Practice

Crafting Slides & Work-flow

Trainer/Teacher Training


Story Forums & Conversations


Designing and hosting creative events for you. You might have a challenge, or an issue that you would like people to give some focused attention to?  



Coaching & Mentoring


One-to-one support for anyone with a presentation coming up. We can help you craft, design and deliver your presentation.





Live Workshops

 Effective Hosting & Design

Facilitation in Practice

Breakthrough Meetings

Purpose Quests


Hosting Forums & Conversations


Designing and hosting small or large scale meetings for 200+ people. Helping you craft the agenda and make it happen. 



Coaching & Mentoring


One-to-one support for anyone who would like to develop their personal capability in hosting and designing meetings. 





Live Workshops

 The Power of Language

Mindfulness & Resourcefulness

Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Stories We Live By

Hosting Forums & Conversations


Hosting events that are designed to bring a sense of time and space. Events where people can reflect, discuss and explore critical issues in an unpressurised environment.

Coaching & Mentoring


One-to-one coaching for anyone who feels they have lost a sense of direction and motivation. The coaching reconnects you.



Each of the workshops can be introduced as a taster session of a couple of hours as well as expanding to the full 2-3 day programmes. The forums and events sessions are designed to fit with your time constraints. Some last an hour and a half, others last three days. The coaching and mentoring sessions are face-to-face at a time and place that works for you.

Methodology  |  Everything is adapted to fit time, place and people. Pre-session questionnaires and conversations are used to support this. The design of each session is guided by Accelerated Learning approaches, incorporating time to debrief, evaluate and reflect. On longer events (more than a day) participants are invited to undertake tasks and challenges between sessions that stimulate reflection, learning and deeper practice.

Steve's sources of inspiration

I have many sources of inspiration: my family and children, people around the world, graphic design,  photography, storytelling and the arts.


I am also constantly blown away by the generosity and commitment of authors who share their learning and wisdom with us. The value of books continues to amaze me.

Contact | getting in touch

Photo of Steve Creffield the Director and Lead Facilitator of Evolve
Photo of Steve Creffield the Director and Lead Facilitator of Evolve

If you have questions, a request, or would like to explore an event that you have in mind then I would love to hear from you. I have one-page outlines of all the workshops that I can send as well as a full CV/Capability Profile. For example the link to the presentation skills workshop is below.


I look forward to hearing from you.


With kind regards


Steve Creffield


+44 (0)7739-695-634 (mobile)

+44 (0)1273-516-327 (office)

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Photo of Steve Creffield the Director and Lead Facilitator of Evolve
Photo of Steve Creffield the Director and Lead Facilitator of Evolve

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